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Żubr died in Podlasie. They point to a military truck – WP News




In the Podlaskie Voivodeship, in Stary Masiewo, near the Belarusian border, a military truck hit a bison. The animal did not survive. “The army is behaving as if its commanders do not know where they are and what this place is,” wrote journalist and activist Adam Wajrak on Facebook. – The driver was not punished, the circumstances do not indicate that he contributed to the incident – said the spokesman for the Military Police in Lublin.

Photos of a dead bison in the village of Stare Masiewo appeared online. They were posted by journalist and activist Adam Wajrak.

“This morning, a military car rushing through the village of Stare Masiewo killed a bison. Speeding military trucks, off-road vehicles, wolverines, etc. have become the norm in the Forest, the most valuable natural object in Poland and one of the most valuable in Europe.

The army acts as if its commanders don’t know where they are or what this place is

” – he wrote.

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Bison clash in the Bieszczady Mountains. The forester immediately grabbed the phone


He emphasized that he could not imagine the American army behaving similarly, e.g. in Yellowstone. “Their game of war is becoming dangerous not only for humans, but also for animals and this unique ecosystem.

This has to change

” – he wrote.

According to residents interviewed by “Gazeta Wyborcza”,

in Stare Masiewo the speed limit for trucks is 30 kilometers per hour

. The bison is a powerful animal, so the vehicle most likely had to go faster.

The police did not receive the report

Wirtualna Polska contacted the Podlasie police regarding this matter. After hours 14 officers told us that

no report was received regarding this matter and they advised to contact the army.

We have sent an inquiry to

Ministry of National Defense

however, by the time the article was published, we had not received a response.

The gendarmerie confirms. “The driver was not punished”

Major Anna Soliwoda from the Podlasie Military Task Force told TVN24 that a bison had been hit. – The animal probably stepped onto the road unexpectedly and the driver didn’t have time to brake. The case is being handled by the Military Police, he said.

The spokesman for the Military Police in Lublin, Captain Iwo Sawa, said in an interview with TVN24 that

the military Jelcz that hit the animal was traveling at a speed of about 40 km/h.

According to preliminary findings, the bison ran out of one of the properties and the driver was unable to avoid the incident.

– The driver was not punished, the circumstances do not indicate that he contributed to the incident – said Sawa.

The bison is a protected animal and until 2020 it was considered a species at risk of extinction. According to data from the Białowieża National Park, there are 2,603 ​​individuals living in Poland, of which 829 live in Białowieża itself.

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