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Zain Ebad Khan and Khushi Dubey are back for the fourth season of ‘Aashiqana’


NEW DELHI, July 11 (IANS) Zainabad Khan is set to reprise his role as Yash in the fourth season of ‘Aashiqana’, and the actor says the show has always been a journey full of suspense and mystery.

Zain and Khushi Dubey return with this season to unveil the secrets of the past and face the brunt of an unexpected curse.

Speaking about the same, Zane said, “People have always had polar opinions about paranormal activities. Some feel it’s true, some think it’s science. While ‘Aashiqana’ has always been an action-packed ride and mysteries, this season Yash and Chikki will see in similar phenomenon.

“As secrets come out of the box and mysteries are revealed, they must band together to fight the curse.”

He added, “Yash will appear in a completely different way as he moves between the modern world and ancient customs, leaving the audience with thoughts and questions. In fact, if I had to describe it, I’d say it in the old saying, “What we know is a drop, and what we don’t do is an ocean.”

Khushi said, “In Aashiqana 4, we are all set to take on new mythological mysteries and face an ancient myth head-on. We are exploring a phenomenon that has always been difficult to understand although there are many theories about it.

This time around, Chikki has many shades to her character as she takes on cases that show how the past is intrinsically connected to the present.

She concluded, “Of course, ‘Ashikana’ and her love story with Yash have also taken a different direction, but they should unite together to fight these demons. I must say, I got goosebumps when I first read the script and I hope the audience will love it too.”

Director Gul Khan said, “This season deals with a lot of dark mysteries behind it and how the duo of Yash and Chiki deal with it. In ‘Aashiqana 4’, one can experience love, excitement, mystery, paranormal activities and a lot of new integrated characters.”

Produced by Gen K Studios, “Aashiqana” Season 4 will be streaming on Disney+ Hotstar starting July 24.

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