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YouTube is fighting with users. You may get this message


Google follows the example of Netflix and from now on it will pay more attention to verifying its policies. This is about YouTube Premium in the family plan – from now on, you will only need to confirm one address.

Netflix became famous this year primarily for fighting against users who they share an account. Let me remind you that according to the giant, this is unacceptable in a situation where people sharing accounts do not live in the same household – because it is to such users that the possibility of sharing one subscription is addressed.

It is worth adding that years ago, on its social media, Netflix itself encouraged people to share the slogan.

Netflix took the fight against sharing seriously globally, including in Poland – importantly, this did not result in the giant losing users as a sign of protest. Instead, viewers keep growing:

We all laugh at Netflix, no one can catch up. VOD market in Poland

Streaming giants have been watching Netflix’s moves with interest, perhaps following its example in the future. Today, none other than myself is willing to do this Google.

YouTube/ photo by Christian Wiediger Unsplash

YouTube Premium will do more to enforce the rules

Family plan users YouTube Premium recently started receiving emails from Google in which the company reminds users that those using the family plan must live in one household.

This is not a surprise, because YouTube informs about it when purchasing a subscription. Despite everything, the giant had not previously paid so much attention to verifying the regulations.

In the email, Google warns that access to YouTube Premium may be suspended if will not confirm his address and will not meet the requirements for a family subscription.

YouTube Premium / photo: gsmManiaK

The YouTube help page also says:

To share a YouTube Family membership, each family member must live at the same home address. Every 30 days, electronic check-in will confirm this requirement.

YouTube, in an interview with Android Authority, confirmed that subscribers to the plan must physically live in the same household as the family administrator. Simply having the same billing address is no longer enough.

YouTube/ photo: ArtemSam, Fotolia.com

The giant adds that no other document confirming place of residence is required to prove that we are using a family subscription. Platform systems “use different signals to flag accounts as requiring family plan eligibility verification“. These may include IP-based restrictions.

YouTube Premium in an individual plan is high in Poland PLN 25.99 per monthand in the family plan up to PLN 46.99. Recently, Google announced salary increases in our country.

However, there are some tricks that can help YouTube without ads we can have for free:




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