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Xenophobia in Germany: Germans victims of immigrant xenophobia


Germany is often accused of increasing xenophobia, but looking at the latest data from the Federal Criminal Office (BKA), the opposite conclusion comes to mind: German citizens were much more likely to become victims of migrants than the other way around, reports the Bild daily.

BKA data for 2022 shows that 47,923 Germans were victims of crimes committed by migrants. This is an 18 percent increase compared to the previous year.

As for German citizens, they were perpetrators of crimes against 12,061 immigrants. “To put it simply: Germans were attacked by migrants four times more often than the other way around.” – emphasized the daily.


In the above list, BKA only included crimes that the police define as serious, including: assaults and robberies.

In the crime category (murder, manslaughter), 258 Germans were victims of crimes in which at least one immigrant took part (of which 38 cases resulted in death). During the same period, 89 immigrants were victims of crimes in which at least one German was involved – and 5 immigrants died as a result.

The BKA defines as immigrants those foreigners who came to Germany as refugees. This group also included people applying for asylum who were not granted it. Statistically speaking, crimes are most often committed by people from this group, “Bild” found out.

Statistically, the group that commits the least crimes are Ukrainian citizens. According to the BKA report, out of 1 million refugees they constituted the largest group (35.5% of all immigrants), of which only 6.5%. of them were suspected of committing a crime. However, immigrants from the Maghreb, i.e. Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, who constitute only 0.6 percent. all immigrants, are suspected of committing 8.5%. crimes.

In total, in Germany in 2022, the police identified approximately 1.92 million suspects, including 612,000. are foreigners (31.9%) – including 143 thousand immigrants (7.4%).

Overrepresentation of immigrants

“Non-Germans are significantly overrepresented in the statistics, despite the fact that holders of the so-called dual citizens are included in the statistics only as Germans,” the newspaper notes, emphasizing that the problem is that the government wants to soon grant dual citizenship to all immigrants who naturalize.

“Crime statistics only show a small area of ​​crime uncovered by the police. These data are supposed to show the real crime situation in regions and cities, but unfortunately they are increasingly unclear and no longer correspond to the subjective sense of security,” commented Jochen Kopelke, head of the police trade union.

“Scary numbers”

“These numbers are terrifying. What many had always suspected was now confirmed. There is no need to sugarcoat reality here. The federal and state governments must now act consistently, using all possibilities to deport such criminals,” emphasized the head of the Federal Police Association, Heiko Teggatz.

“The nationality of such criminals cannot protect against deportation. Anyone who commits serious crimes in Germany should lose their right to protection and be deported to their home country,” Teggatz said.

“Crime committed by visitors from other countries should finally stop being a taboo,” emphasized the head of the Interior Ministry of North Rhine-Westphalia, Herbert Reul (CDU). As he noted, BKA data allow us to assume that if “too many people come to Germany and cannot be properly integrated, crime will increase.”

Gregor Golland, a CDU parliamentarian from North Rhine-Westphalia, also called for fundamental changes in migration policy. “For many politicians, this is an uncomfortable truth that society has noticed for a long time. There must be a decisive end to illegal immigration, cuts to social benefits and forced deportations. We need a fundamental change in migration policy. We must finally protect the victims!” – Golland concluded. (PAP)



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