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Women arrested in Vaishali district of Bihar for killing their daughters


PATNA, April 15 (IANS) Two teenage girls were murdered by their mother in Vaishali district of Bihar state in what is suspected honor killing case on Saturday, police said.

In fact, the woman – Rinku Devi, had confessed to killing her daughters aged between 18 and 16, as they used to run away with some young men.

She killed the eldest daughter first, followed by the youngest daughter. They both used to run off with young men frequently. They ran away with two guys 15 days ago. Renko Devi said in her confession statement.

Om Prakash, SDPO Sadar Group of Vaishali said, “When we came to know about the incident in the morning, a team from Sarai Police Station went there for investigation. On police note the girls’ father ran away from the spot. He lives in Kolkata. We have taken their mother into custody for investigation. She admitted that she killed them.”

However, the way she appeared, we suspect she actually committed the crime. “She is trying to protect her husband,” said the police officer.

“Based on a sectarian statement, we have arrested her and raids are being conducted to arrest her husband. Rinku Devi claimed that she was troubled with her daughters and thus killed her. The bodies were sent for autopsy,” Om Prakash said.

Meanwhile, Neeraj Singh, Mukhiya’s representative from Shital Bhakurahan Panchayat said, “Rinku Devi came to my house in the morning and said her husband killed her two daughters. They ran away 15 days ago and their father got angry on them. He gagged them so they were dead. After committing the crime, he ran away from the place.” “.

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