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Winter attack in Zakopane. Snow fell and plows had to go out on the streets [NAGRANIE]


Snow fell in the Tatra Mountains on the night from Saturday to Sunday. The snow cover on Kasprowy Wierch is already over 30 centimeters, but not only the peaks are white. Snow also fell in Zakopane. The first avalanche danger level has also been in force in the mountains since Friday.

The first attack of winter this season occurred in the south of the country. Footage appeared on social media showing that not only the mountain trails turned white, but also the roads. Therefore, plows had to be used on the streets.

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Should we really be happy with mild and short winters?

It’s already white in the Tatra Mountains. It was also raining in Zakopane

Report from Zakopane shared, among others: “Tygodnik Podhalański”. As Paweł Pełka, the weekly’s editor, said in the recording, the snow layer in Kuźnice on Saturday evening was already several centimeters, and it was supposed to rain heavily throughout the night. As he reported, it was the first attack of a snowy winter. The first snow fell a few weeks ago, but it did not create a thick layer and melted quickly.

The recording from Zakopane on Saturday before 11 p.m. was also shared by the Storm Observers Network | Observers.info. As you can see, the snow was falling quite heavily and quickly turned the roads white, requiring snow plows to be used.

Difficult conditions in the Tatra Mountains. First degree of avalanche danger

There are very difficult tourist conditions in the higher parts of the Tatra Mountains – he warned in Sunday’s announcement Tatra National Park . Many trails above the upper limit are covered with snow. In places the wind created deep drifts. Moving in such conditions requires experience and appropriate equipment. Low-hanging clouds on the ridges make visibility and orientation difficult.

It is very slippery in places, including: on the trail near the Siklawa Waterfall, on the trail towards Czarny Staw pod Rysami and around Morskie Oko. There is a thin layer of wet snow on the lower trails, and it is slippery in places.

The first avalanche danger level applies until 8 p.m. at an altitude of over 1,800 meters above sea level. TOPR announced avalanche threats for the first time this season on November 10, including: due to forecast snowfall. Also on Sunday, there will be snow and rain in the mountains and Zakopane. In Zakopane the temperature will be 4 degrees above Morskie Oko 0, in the Five Ponds Valley 1 degree below zero, and on Kasprowy Wierch 3 degrees below zero. The cableway to Kasprowy Wierch is open from Saturday, November 11, after the autumn technical inspection, which lasted from October 30 to November 10.


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