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Will this really be a new quality? Off the Grid on the long game


From the first announcement, the creators of Off the Grid have been eloquently emphasizing the next-gen nature of their production. The latest gameplay from the Gunzilla Games shooter allows you to check what the gameplay will actually look like.

Off the Grid is, according to the developers, a “next-gen Battle Royale” that is expected to delight players with its gameplay and content. Up to 150 players will appear on one map, and the developers will provide an extensive, 60-hour campaign that will allow you to participate in a dynamically developing story.

Off the Grid was presented in the long game – Dr. Disrespect, Clix and Imperialhal faced one mission during which the group must eliminate groups of enemies. The story featured actors who are associated with, among others, “District 9”, which is not a big surprise because the game was played by Neill Blomkamp, ​​who was the director of the mentioned film.

During the gameplay, we see that Dr. Disrespect’s character lost his arm and had to regenerate it – without the arm, the player could not use some weapons. The use of additional equipment will also be important during the game.

Can we talk about a revolution in the genre in this situation? Gunzilla Games has certainly set the events in an interesting world, and the use of gadgets during the action can have an interesting impact on the gameplay.


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