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Wieruszów. Primary election results. Residents and the mayor comment


Results of the primary elections in Wieruszów announced on Sunday afternoon. The Civic Coalition won 34.08 percent. votes, Law and Justice 32.32 percent, and Third Way – 11.94 percent. The turnout was 19.27 percent.

Resident: PiS is taking Poland backwards in development

The sensational result pleased opposition supporters.

— The result surprised me positively and, of course, it was very good that KO won. I believe that the current government is leading us towards disaster and this needs to be changed, says Sławomir Lippki, a resident of Wieruszów.

Sebastian Szul also voted for the Civic Coalition, so he is also happy with this result. — Even when the Kaczyńskis were Tusk’s colleagues, I was always against them, I never voted for them and I never will. They are setting Poland back in its development, putting it in debt and ridiculing it in the international arena – he says firmly.


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