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Wieruszów. KO wins the primaries


The Wieruszów commune (Łódź Voivodeship) organized primary elections for the third time. He ensures that their results later turn out to be very close to the official results of elections – parliamentary or presidential.

The Civic Coalition won 34.08 percent. votes. Right behind it was Law and Justice (32.32%). Next is Third Way (11.94%). 6.64% was given to the Confederation. votes. Slightly less for the Left – 6.35 percent. In turn, 4.08% of voters voted for the Polska Jest Jedno (Poland is One) Committee. entitled. Nonpartisan Local Government People obtained the result of 3.51%.

Importantly, residents voted for individual parties, not specific politicians. There was no electoral silence. The turnout was 19.27 percent.

Detailed data:

number of people entitled to vote – 11 thousand 184

number of ballots issued – 2 thousand. 155

number of cards drawn from the ballot box – 2,000 150

number of valid votes cast – 2 thousand. 110

number of invalid votes – 40

Opposition politicians do not hide their joy

“Are you happy that you won the primaries in Wieruszów? From now on, for a month you work twice as hard, you hit twice as accurately, you love the voters even more. Because this win is a sign of hope, not a guarantee of victory. Everything is in our hands!” – Donald Tusk mobilizes KO supporters. Kamila Gasiuk-Pihowicz from KO has no doubt that this is a good omen: “Did you know that in 2019, PiS’s result in the primary elections in Wieruszów was inflated compared to the national result? This means that support for PiS on October 15 may be below 30 percent! People! To the polls! We can chase them all away!”

The leader of Poland 2050, Szymon Hołownia, does not hide his joy. “Trzecia Droga third in Wieruszów! 11.94 percent support. Thank you and move forward!” – wrote on the website

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