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“Fakty” is watched by more women than men

In the period from January 1 to July 19, 2023 “Facts” In TVN (the service is broadcast every day at 7 p.m.; the daily can also be watched on TVN24 BiS) was watched by an average of 54.59%. women and 45.41 percent men. “Fakty” has a slightly higher share of female viewers than male viewers compared to the audience structure of the entire television market in our country. During the analyzed period, all stations were followed by an average of 53.52%. women and 46.48 percent men – according to Nielsen Audience Measurement data obtained by the Wirtualnemedia.pl portal.

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“Fakty” also had a slightly larger share of the female audience than the male audience in the period from January 1 to July 19 last year, when women accounted for 54.73%. (men – 45.27%).

37 percent The daily’s viewers are in the 65+ age group

“Fakty” in comparison to the entire market is characterized by low viewership results among young viewers. The share of the website’s audience in the age groups 10-11, 13-15, 16-17, 18-19 and 20-24 in the analyzed period was below 1%. The daily also had low interest in the youngest age groups in the same period a year earlier.

In subsequent age groups, interest in the TVN website is gradually growing. It is very high in older age groups.

“Fakty” has definitely the highest viewership results in the 65+ group, in which the audience constitutes 37.12%. all viewers. For comparison, in the entire market it is 34.50%.

The share of rural audiences is growing, but city dwellers still dominate the audience

Small disproportions in the viewership of “Fakty” compared to the entire market are noted due to the viewers’ place of residence. The website has a noticeable advantage in the audience structure of urban residents, who constitute 64.29%. share of all viewers (rural residents constitute 35.70%). This value in the entire market is 61.66%.

In the same period a year earlier, the TVN daily had a larger share of the urban audience – 65.73%. (34.28% are people from rural areas).

Increasingly higher incomes

Taking into account the average monthly net income of a given household per capita (in PLN), it can be seen that “Fakty” is followed by more and more people with high incomes.

The average monthly net income of a given household per capita exceeds PLN 5,000. PLN net in the period from January 1 to July 19 this year. was 46.42 percent, and a year earlier it was 42.20 percent. In turn, in the case of income from PLN 0 to PLN 1,400, this year the result is 3.68 percent, and last year it was 3.99 percent.

The share of people with secondary education is growing

“Fakty” is increasingly watched by people with secondary education, whose share is growing – from 37.02%. audience in the period from January 1 to July 19 last year. up to 38.02 percent in the period from January 1 to July 19 this year. (in the entire market it was 34%).

The share of viewers with higher education this year is 28.49%. audience (18.06 percent in the entire market), and basic – 30.81 percent. (42.73%).

44 percent the audience are retirees

Due to their profession, “Fakty” is definitely most frequently watched by retirees, who constitute 44.37%. audience. For comparison, all television stations in Poland had an average audience share of 43.64% in the analyzed period. retirees.

ADH% (Adhesion) – percentage share of viewers of a particular group in relation to the size of the reference group, e.g. share of viewers aged 65+ in relation to all viewers. Thus, this indicator informs about the demographic structure of viewers, and thus describes the attractiveness of the program. Adhesion for several groups adds up to 100%. provided that the studied groups are entirely included in the reference group – e.g. women 4+ and men 4+ in relation to the all 4+ group.

The average audience of “Fakty” on TVN and TVN24 in the first half of 2023 was 2.57 million people (2.25 million on TVN and 322 thousand on TVN24 BiS). In turn, the website’s share was 22.34%.


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