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What was childhood like in the 90s? I remember Kogel-Mogel and the Wigry 3 bike


  • Monika Marszał wrote a book that is a sentimental journey through time. The author describes her childhood spent in Poland in the early 1990s.
  • The taste of all her mother’s dishes and the kogla-mogla prepared by her grandmother are still vivid in her memory
  • “At the very beginning of primary school, of course, I wore the obligatory navy blue uniform with a collar,” she recalls
  • — To get a brand new notebook for running “Golden Thoughts”, you had to try very hard… – he adds
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Anna Frydrychewicz, Onet: Do you think that we, kids born in the late 70s? and in the 1980s it was easier than for children today?


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