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What do Poles think about TVP? The latest survey


One of the leading demands of the KO, Third Way and Left coalition is the depoliticization of public media. — We will do it immediately after there is a new government, Borys Budka, vice-chairman of the Civic Platform and head of the KO club, said in the Sejm on Wednesday. The leader of the Civic Coalition, Donald Tusk, also spoke about the need for changes. – After winning the elections and forming a new government, we will need exactly 24 hours for the PiS government television to turn into public television again – argued the former prime minister.

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What do Poles think about this idea?

The specific question asked by the pollster was: “What do you think the new ruling coalition should do with TVP?” Most people said that Telewizja Polska should continue to operate, but after major personnel changes. This answer was given by 44 percent. respondents.


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