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Matthew Perry and Kayti Edwards dated for a few months in 2006. After the breakup, the former lovers remained friends. Now Edwards has admitted that she doesn’t fully believe that her ex drowned in the jacuzzi.

At the end of October, the sad news of his death circulated in media around the world

Matthew Perry

. The series’ Chandler from “Friends” drowned in a jacuzzi with hydromassage. Officially it was an unfortunate accident. However, not everyone believes that the tragedy is not related to the actor’s addiction to stimulants and medications.

Perry’s former partner spoke out

Kayti Edwards, Matthew Perry’s ex-girlfriend, claims that the star was struggling with an addiction relapse before his death.

There are many things that don’t suit me

– said Edwards, quoted by the Daily Mail.

She added that she believed Perry may have been taking pills in the week before his unexpected death.

They said there were no prescription painkillers at the scene, which doesn’t surprise me since he didn’t leave any.

He was paranoid and took all of them so that there would be no evidence

and then went for more when he was ready

– she explained in an interview with “The Sun”.


Matthew Perry was seen the day before his death. He visited a restaurant with a mysterious brunette (PHOTO)

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Kayti Edwards on Matthew Perry’s addiction

Another proof that Perry was not sober before his death is the fact that in his last post on social media before his death he called himself “Mattman”.

According to Edwards, he only used such a nickname while under the influence.

Apparently he felt indestructible then.

I was around when he was doing drugs, even though I wasn’t with him, and when I said maybe he should cut back on the drugs, he’d say, “No, I’m Mattman.”

– recalled the actor’s ex-girlfriend.

She also added that Perry liked to be in the pool or hot tub when high.

Once, his neighbor found him naked and under the influence of stimulants in the water.

So far, all we know is that Matthew did not overdose on fentanyl or methamphetamine before his death. More detailed toxicology tests may take up to several months. Only then will it become clear whether other illegal substances were detected in the actor’s blood. The concentration of prescription drugs in his system is also being tested.

Source: pudelek.pl

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