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Urgently delete it from your phone. Secretly records and collects data


Urgently delete it from your phone.  Secretly records and collects data

Kaspersky reports several malicious programs on Google Play that have been downloaded a total of 600 million times. One of them may be secretly recording you.

Although Google is trying to fight it, from time to time malicious applications appear in the Play Store that are designed to steal our data. In total, by 2023 they were downloaded as many as 600 million times, so they could potentially be on the phones of many Poles.

Malicious apps on Google Play

The first of the malicious applications is iRecorder. Initially, it was not harmful in any way. However, after a few months, the creators released an update that introduced malicious code into the app. Thanks to this, she was able to secretly record us. Files as long as 15 minutes were then sent to external servers.

Hackers also often used applications to enhance photos. These include Beauty Slimming Photo Editor, Photo Effect Editor and GIF Camera Editor Pro, which in total have been installed as many as 620,000. times. Each of them contained a Trojan called Fleckpe, which enrolled unsuspecting users into paid subscriptions.

All Minecraft clones were particularly popular. According to Kaspersky, they have been installed up to 35 million times. Most of them contain malware called HiddenAds, which runs ads in the background, generating huge profits for the developers. In turn, from users’ perspectives, this negatively affects battery life.

However, most often, Android users could encounter malware called SpinOK. It was installed on phones and tablets as many as 451 million times via many different applications. Most often due to various types of mini-games and casinos. In fact, their main purpose was to collect information about us and send it to external servers.

Kaspersky analysis shows how fraudsters operate. Initially, they often create a normal application that does what it is supposed to do. Only in subsequent updates do they introduce malicious code. Another method is to create multiple developer accounts, so if an application is blocked by Google, after the changes it ends up in the Play Store again, but using a different profile.

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