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Two wanted criminals have been arrested for a double murder after a standoff in Delhi


NEW DELHI, July 13 (IANS) – After a gunfight, Delhi Police has arrested two criminals, who were wanted in a double murder that took place in the early hours of Tuesday morning, an official said Thursday.

Pradeep (40 years old) and Pablo aka Patla (40 years old), who were both day bookmakers, were found dead at around 02:00 am on Tuesday in the Welcoming area with multiple gunshot wounds.

The bodies were found 300 meters away.

A senior police official said that on Wednesday at around 10:48 pm, a call was received at Jyoti Nagar Police Station that there had been an exchange of gunfire between the Special Staff teams of the North Eastern region and two wanted criminals in a double murder case. Welcome to the police station.

The police meeting place was Kabir Nagar, behind Ambedkar College. Both criminals were traveling on a motorbike when the police team intercepted them. Instead of stopping, the criminals opened fire on the police in an attempt to flee.

In return fire, both criminals were shot in the legs. The official said both criminals carried semi-automatic handguns.

The criminals were identified as Shahbaz alias Shibu (22), a resident of Indira Chowk and Misbah (21), a resident of Marghazi Chowk, Jaffrabad.

Shahbaz has several criminal cases registered against him, including murder cases. He made bail last month. Misbah also has several cases filed against him, including a murder case. “He also got out on bail last month,” the official said.

Both have been taken to GTB Hospital, where they are undergoing treatment,” the official added.

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