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Two goals in an interesting match between Pogoń Szczecin and Raków Częstochowa


PAP/EPA / Marcin Bielecki / In the photo: Kamil Grosicki (left) and Jean Carlos Silva (right)

Tomasz Rosiński

In the match of the 15th round of PKO Ekstraklasa 2023/2024, the Polish champion, Raków Częstochowa, drew away with Pogoń Szczecin 1:1.

Sunday’s clash in Szczecin promised to be very interesting and it was difficult to pick a favorite. Both teams have been in good shape recently and, obviously, each of them wanted to get all the points.

From the very beginning of the competition, the hosts tried to impose their own style of play, and from time to time they hosted the Polish champions in the penalty area. However, in the first half of the fast-paced battle, the visitors very rarely threatened the goal guarded by Valentin Cojocaru.

Kamil Grosicki and Vahan Bichakhchyan they fueled subsequent, dangerous attacks from Szczecin, and the goalkeeper of the team from Częstochowa had a lot of work, i.e Vladan Kovacevic.

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They shot at the visitors’ goal Bichakhchyan, Efthymis Koulouris Whether Alexander Gorgonhowever, before the break Kovacevic he was never taken by surprise.

The poor attitude of the Raków Częstochowa players in the first part of the match made the coach David Szwarga decided to make three changes in his team (on the pitch instead of Jean Carlos Silva, John Yeboah and Milan Rundic they appeared Bartosz Nowak, David Drachal and Adnan Kovacevic).

In the second half, the Częstochowa team started playing better and took the lead in the 54th minute. Then Vladislav Kocherhin he played an excellent, clever pass in the opponent’s penalty area Nowakand he defeated it with a shot at the far post Valentin Cojocaru.

This turn of events irritated the charges Jens Gustafsson, who started attacking and in the 67th minute led to a 1-1 draw. Then Kamil Grosicki he played an excellent pass along the end line of the pitch, and Gorgon he basically put the ball into an empty goal.

Later, the pace of the competition slowed down, and in stoppage time the hosts had an opportunity to secure victory, but it was a bad shot Grosicki defended Vladan Kovacevic.

PKO Ekstraklasa, round 15:

Pogon SzczecinRaków Częstochowa 1:1 (0:0)
0:1 – Bartosz Nowak 54′
1:1 – Alexander Gorgon 67′


Pogon Szczecin: Valentin Cojocaru – Linus Wahlqvist, Benedikt Zech, Mariusz Malec, Leonardo Koutris – Fredrik Ulvestad (62′ Joao Gamboa), Rafał Kurzawa – Wahan Biczachczjan (78′ Mariusz Fornalczyk), Alexander Gorgon, Kamil Grosicki – Efthymis Koulouris (87′ Luka Zahović) .

Raków Częstochowa: Vladan Kovacević – Fran Tudor, Bogdan Racovitan, Milan Rundić (46′ Adnan Kovacević) – Jean Carlos Silva (46′ Dawid Drachal), Gustav Berggren, Władysław Koczerhin, Srdan Plavsic – John Yeboah (46′ Bartosz Nowak), Marcin Cebula (68 ‘ Ben Lederman) – Fabian Piasecki (76’ Ante Crnac).

Yellow cards: Srdan Plavsic, Gustav Berggren (Raków Częstochowa).

Referee: Szymon Marciniak.

PKO Ekstraklasa

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