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Tuska is betting on Szłapka. A new minister for European affairs?


The name of the likely future minister for European affairs appeared on the media exchange of names. This is supposed to be Tusk’s “original idea”.

A meeting of the coalition partners – KO, Trzecia Droga and Left – is to be held on Monday, during which the final division of positions in the future government and the “application” of specific names will take place.

According to “Fakty” TVN, Adam Szłapka is to become the Minister of European Affairs. – Even Adam was surprised when he heard who he was to be in the new government – ​​an informant close to Donald Tusk told the station.

Dispute over education

At the same time, as reported, the Left has still not come to terms with handing over the Ministry of Education, Science and Higher Education. After the coalition takes power, the ministry is to be divided into two: the ministry of education and the ministry of science and higher education.

Tusk wants Barbara Nowacka to become the head of the Ministry of Education, but Włodzimierz Czarzasty sees it in this position, Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk from the Left.

In turn, Tomasz Grodzki is tipped to be the minister of science.

Sikorski and Sienkiewicz return to the government

“Fakty” confirms earlier media reports that Radosław Sikorski is to be appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs. “Just recently, during coalition negotiations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was part of the Poland 2050 pool. A week ago, however, the situation changed and the Civic Coalition is to appoint the head of diplomacy,” Onet points out.

“There has also been unofficial confirmation that Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz is to become a minister. According to current plans, he is to take over the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, while Borys Budka is to become the Minister of State Assets. This is a change of plans, because until recently Sienkiewicz was to take over MAP and clean up companies. from PiS people,” Onet describes.

It is still unknown who will become the Minister of Health. Izabela Leszczyna is being considered for this role, but her candidacy is still unconfirmed.


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