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Traczyk-Stawska comments on Kaczyñski’s speech. “This is not the time to take Poland out of Europe” | Policy


During Saturday’s speech delivered in Krakow Deputy Prime Minister and president of PiS, Jarosław Kaczyński, argued that if there are changes to European treaties, “Poland will no longer be an independent, sovereign country under any circumstances, it will not be a state at all.” He added that “it will be an area where Poles live managed from outside.” According to Kaczyński, the following would have a strong influence in Poland, among others: Germany.

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The opposition signed a coalition agreement. “We are ready”. Summary of statements by party leaders

– I heard from a friend not so long ago that the taxi driver she was traveling with and whom she was trying to introduce to these matters said: “well, what does it matter to me, [chcę tylko – red.] so that my son can live in a country with clean air.” Maybe you know the problem that exists: tens of thousands of tons of garbage being imported from Germany and Germany’s refusal to take it away, contrary to EU law, said the Deputy Prime Minister on Saturday.

– What do you think, that if they have incomparably greater power here, or rather full power, they will not do it on an incomparably larger scale? Of course they will. Only very stupid people, sorry to say so, can believe otherwise. Poland will be poisoned, terrorized by garbage mafias and other mafias. This is the future they are preparing for us, this is the future they are preparing for us governmentwhich was installed, with Tusk at the helm to carry it out – added Kaczyński. Some people present pointed out that the government of today’s opposition has not yet been formed. – I used the perfective mood, but this is the plan they want to implement – said the PiS president.

– We are fighting to prevent this government from being established. This speech is also addressed to potential, or even real, allies of the Civic Platform, because when it comes to this party, no one has any illusions that it is a German party. But regardless of whether it will be effective or not, this great action must be carried out. They will fiercely oppose it in various ways, deceive the public that there is no threat, that it is a fairy tale, they have even managed to convince the representatives of the Confederation that “there are so many negotiations, it takes two years” – said Jarosław Kaczyński.

Traczyk-Stawska on Kaczyński’s words: We must unite with the Germans

For a comment on Jarosław Kaczyński’s words, the portal Wprost.pl asked Wanda Traczyk-Stawska, psychologist, social activist, participant of the Warsaw Uprising. – Thinking people know that the last thing we can do is quarrel with everyone in the face of the war in Ukraine. We must unite with Germany and protect ours border as possible. This is not the time to take Poland out of Europe, said Traczyk-Stawska.

New government it has not been created yet, it is difficult to say whether it will work, whether it will be wise and useful. We will be able to assess this only after some time. However, I look at this coalition with optimism, hope and sympathy. I believe that there are people there who look at the issues of Poles broadly, who understand poverty, the needs of farmers, and the situation of women. I hope that we will finally be a country that does not have to be ashamed of its stupid authorities, she added.


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