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Tomasz Hajto revealed how much he has to earn per month to live “normally”.


Tomasz Hajto ended his football career in 2010. Later, he tried his hand at coaching, leading Jagiellonia Białystok or GKS Tychy. Ultimately, however, he retired from sports and began appearing on television as a football expert and commentator.

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Recently, the former Polish representative decided to enter the cage. Hajto appeared at the Clout MMA federation’s freak fight gala, where he was his rival Zbigniew Bartman. The 50-year-old lost to a former volleyball player, but he was to receive nearly PLN 400,000 for the fight. PLN, some of which he decided to donate to charity organizations. Now the former representative opened up more about his financial needs in a conversation with Journalist.

— How much money do you need per month to live happily? – the journalist asked Tomasz Hajto. – Well, it seems to me that to live normally, you need PLN 40 (thousand PLN – editor’s note) – replied the former Polish representative.

A large number of Internet users on social media accused Hacie of a materialistic approach to life. Some, however, defend the former Polish representative, pointing out that as the standard of living improves, its price also increases.

In the near future, Tomasz Hajto will have another opportunity to earn a lot of money. At the end of October, the former Polish representative is to return to the octagon to fight another fight at the Clout MMA gala. He recently reported that he already knows his next rival.


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