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Tigress bites off her own tail in Lucknow Zoo


Lucknow, Aug 29 (IANS) In a case of self-mutilation, a white tigress named Indra at the Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Zoological Garden in Lucknow bit off her own tail.

She is now being treated under the care of veterinarians at the Lucknow Zoo, said a press release from the zoo.

Indra, a 12-year-old white tigress, came to the Lucknow zoo in November last year from Vandalur Zoo in Chennai as part of a wildlife exchange programme.

The press note also mentions that the Lucknow Zoo took in three leopard cubs on August 20 who were only a few days old at the time.

After being fed milk four to five times, being hand reared by the zookeepers, and monitored by the doctors for a week, two of the three cubs opened their eyes on Monday.

In the recent past, the Lucknow Zoo has rescued several adult and young leopards.

The leopard count at the zoo is 12 adult leopards and five cubs.


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