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This recording is shocking, with Confederate politicians in the background. “Woman as part of possessions”


Last Saturday, September 16, the founding congress of the Patriarchat Foundation took place in Warsaw. There would be nothing strange about it if it weren’t for the scandalous words that were said during the meeting.

According to the noizz.pl portal, the meeting was attended by, among others: originator of the foundation Mateusz Curzydło, right-wing publicist Ronald Lasecki,
Janusz Korwin-Mikke
and Damian Adam Marks z
. The president of the PAFERE foundation, Jan Kubań, and an activist for fathers, Jakub Wnuk, were also present.

Patriarchate Foundation. The shocking words outraged Internet users

A recording of a fragment of Ronald Lasecki’s statement appeared on social media, causing real outrage on the Internet. They were published by journalist Krzysztof Łukasza.

“Women as part of property, elimination of women from public space, “Saudi Arabia is quite cool”, the ban on helping (!) as one of the principles of “elite masculinity” – such demands could be heard at the inauguration of the Patriarchat Foundation founded – of course – by a staunch Confederate. One of the Confederation’s leaders is present on site,” he commented on Twitter.

“Woman as part of possessions”

And what exactly did Lasecki say? In the published fragment we hear that in the past “women were part of the household with a status higher than animals or movable property.” – But despite everything, they did not participate on equal terms in the decision-making processes. In my opinion, if we are talking about relations between women and men, this is a healthy arrangement, he said.

– We care about the patriarchal system, we essentially care about the well-being of our women, but we treat them not as partners, but as part of our property – he said.

A Confederate politician called to the board. Responds to the Internet user

Krzysztof Łukasz’s entry was full of negative comments. One of the Internet users turned directly to Damian Adam Marks, who during
2023 parliamentary elections he will run from the Confederation’s lists in the Warsaw district. “Do you really want to promote something like that with your face,” the commenter asked.

“I was invited, so I came. Do I agree with everything that was discussed? Of course not. However, I see the problem of feminism that is becoming more and more bold, such as the recent quite serious proposal of the left on the presumption of guilt in the case of rape. I also observe initiatives from the opposite social pole,” the politician replied.

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