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This is how tickets for the Poland match are sold


The Polish national team has its last match this year. On Tuesday, November 21, they will host Latvia at the National Stadium. This will be one of the tests before the two-stage exams play-offswhich Michał Probierz’s team must win if they want to advance to Euro 2024. There are many indications that we will approach this match seriously weakened. Health problems excluded Piotr Zieliński and Paweł Bochniewicz from the game. Karol Świderski’s performance is also questionable. It seems that the White and Reds will not be defeated by spontaneous cheering in their fight for victory fans.

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Touchstone: I encourage fans to support the Polish national team

This promises to be one of the worst attendances at the National Stadium in years. Low ticket sales

All because of little interest in the upcoming one friendly match and this despite relatively low ticket prices. Let us remind you that for staked matches you had to pay PLN 120, PLN 180 and PLN 240, depending on the places. Now fans have to pay PLN 50 for category I seats, i.e. seats behind the goals. Seats in higher sectors, i.e. category II, cost around PLN 70. In turn, along the sideline of the pitch – PLN 90. Additionally, special tickets are also available, such as a family ticket, i.e. a guardian and a child up to 12 years of age – PLN 50 plus PLN 30.

Sales began on October 12, but three days before the clash, there were still 18,000 tickets available. It seems that the stadium will not be completely full, as was the case during the 1-1 draw with the Czech Republic. The facility can accommodate almost 60,000 fans, so approximately 35,000 – 40,000 spectators can be expected. However, the match against Latvia is not decisive for the fate of the team, so this is probably the reason for the low interest.

Touchstone sets a clear goal for the team. He needs to improve in these aspects

Despite everything, the players and coaching staff take it seriously. It will be the first step towards building a squad for the play-offs. Michał Probierz pointed out even after the match against the Czechs what the team needs to work on.

– We lost a goal after a set piece, we lacked football wisdom and that’s what I regret the most. In the first half, we kept the ball smoothly and we missed two or three moments when we could have played behind the defensive line. We entered into duels too rarely, we didn’t shoot enough, we will work on that – admitted the coach.

There are only two days left until the match against Latvia, and the team is not sitting on its hands. He will take part in training on Sunday. It was originally scheduled to take place at 11:30 a.m., but was postponed to 4 p.m. The staff also decided to conduct the exercises in the absence of journalists. Sunday is to be a day of media reset, as the press conference was also canceled. Football players and the coach will meet with journalists only on Monday.


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