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This is how Independence Day is celebrated in Jerzmanowa. Events attract crowds of people! As usual, goose dominates. Photos


Independence Day in Jerzmanowa attracts crowds of people! This year the event was organized for the 12th time! Everyone will find something for themselves there, because there are runs, tasty food and good music. See what it was like last year! Photos.

The Independence Day celebration is the flagship event of the Jerzmanowa Commune. This year, for the 12th time, they organized a beautiful, large and joyful celebration on November 11. It was sporty, but also musical and tasty, because the stands of village councils and Rural Women’s Associations were dominated by goose in various forms. No wonder the square between the palace and the Culture Barn was teeming with life.

One of the exciting events of the festival was the performance of the winners of the patriotic, soldier and legion song competition. Especially when the youngest participants, including preschoolers, appeared on stage.

A novelty of this year’s celebration was a competition for The Best Local Goose Product in the Jerzmanowa commune. Village associations and Rural Women’s Associations from all over the commune fought for the title. Kurowice even presented two dishes, one for the village head and the other for the KGW.

– Roasted goose with apples, pears and quince. The mousse is made of stuffing together with quince – ladies Irena, Ania and two Ela told us. – Plus there’s fresh spelled bread. In turn, our KGW prepared roast goose stuffed with olives and capers.

(The competition results will be announced later.)

The Jerzman festival is primarily a night-long, 10-kilometer Goose Run, to which competitors come from distant regions. One of the main prizes for the winner is a roast goose. But earlier, in the morning, children and teenagers competed on shorter routes.

The musical attraction of Independence Day in Jerzmanowa was a concert of the legendary band Kobranocka. A laser show was prepared for the evening.

This year, the commune had one more important event. On the eve of the holiday, an Independence Oak was planted at the commune office, and a commemorative plaque was unveiled on the 105th anniversary of Poland regaining independence.

The effort to prepare the event was borne mainly by the Jerzmanowa Commune, the Commune Cultural Center in Jerzmanowa and Mountain Sport, as well as village councils and Volunteer Fire Department units.

This is how Independence Day is celebrated in Jerzmanowa. Parties…

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