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This coat from Lidl is like a warm cocoon. It wraps tightly. Winter gems in Mohito, CA


Winter is just around the corner! It’s time to prepare for it. In Lidl you will find a phenomenal coat that will cover you from head to toe. You will feel warm and pleasant in it. No frost or forecast will be terrible. This essential will help you survive until spring.

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Are you ready for the upcoming winter? If not yet, now is the best time to check out the seasonal offers of popular stores. I found a great coat for you in Lidl perfect for the frosty season. Its long cut covers you from head to toe, and the price is much lower than in other chain stores.

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The quilted maxi coat from Lidl is a gem for cold and frosty weather. It will wrap you like a cocoon

Which of us doesn’t want to go into hibernation during the winter and autumn months and wait in a warm cocoon until spring? However, life still requires us to go outside and run various errands. Fortunately, there are coats like this one from Lidl that they wrap nicely and guarantee comfort regardless of the weather.

Coat Lidl

The long cut literally covers the entire body. It is done made of hydrophobic, quilted fabric that will keep you warm and comfortable. It has a detachable hood and a two-way zipper. It is available in two colors: cream and black. You can buy it for PLN 129, which, compared to offers available on the market, is an opportunity not worth missing.

New in Mohito. A long coat with a hood will keep you warm during low temperatures

Coat Mohito

If you don’t want to limit yourself to the offer of one store, I found a similar one for you in Mohito. Just like the one from Lidl, it has a long cut and is available in light and dark colors. There is, however, around the hood decorative fur that adds charm and charm to it.

The quilted coat with a hood from C&A surprises with its color. It will definitely make you stand out from the crowd

Coat C&A

I also spotted an interesting coat in the C&A offer. There is a long model with a hood available, whose unique color will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. Silver covers give the styling a unique character. This coat is insulated and, thanks to the fact that it reaches up to the ankles, protects against cold better than jacket which can sometimes expose the kidneys.


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