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“Sometimes therapists help us break up peacefully. Przemek and I break up as friends,” Katarzyna Glinka said in one of the interviews. It seems that the star of “Colors of Happiness” and the father of her older son not only separated amicably, but also maintain close relations to this day. So much so that the actress reportedly appeared at her ex’s wedding.

Katarzyna Glinka got married once, although she was close to taking the wedding oath for the second time. The first husband of an actress known, among others, from the TVP soap opera

“The colors of happiness”

was Przemysław Gołdon, with whom, after a long-term relationship, she married in 2010. Two years later, Filip appeared in the world, but already in 2015, information about the actress’s divorce circulated in the media.

Only years later, Glinka admitted in one of her interviews that although she and her former spouse sought help from a specialist, therapy actually helped them break up as friends. Despite the support of a psychologist, the TV star did not hide that the divorce was a traumatic experience for her, due to which she struggled with a sense of shame and harm for a long time.

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They have been together for decades. But they don’t even think about getting married


Each time, however, she spoke warmly and respectfully about the older son’s father, emphasizing how involved he was in his upbringing and that they separated peacefully.

Sometimes therapists help people break up peacefully. Przemek and I part as friends

[…] – she said in an interview for “Gala”, and these declarations seem to be confirmed by recent media reports about the actress and her ex-husband.

According to the ShowNews.pl portal, Przemysław Gołdon recently remarried, and one of the guests at his next wedding was apparently

Katarzyna Glinka

. As you can see, the star’s former partner can only be congratulated on this occasion.

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