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They play with John Paul II at heart. They tamed… the Red Devils


An extraordinary team is competing in the Copa Peru competition. The band was named in honor of Pope John Paul II. On Sunday, he won an important match against… the Red Devils.

Rafał Smoliński

footballer and fans of the Juan Pablo II club

Instagram / juanpablochongoyape / In the photo: footballer and fans of the Juan Pablo II club

In Latin American countries, the Catholic faith is of great importance to the lives of many people. Local activists from Chongoyape in northwestern Peru came up with the idea to name the club Juan Pablo II. This is, of course, about the Polish Pope John Paul II. His image was also included in the coat of arms.

The Juan Pablo II team is currently competing in the Copa Peru. However, these are not the games we know from European pitches. The Peruvian Cup is a tournament in which only the top teams from regional leagues take part. The winner will play in the Peruvian second league next season.

No wonder that this is a special time for Juan Pablo II players and fans. “We are on the eve of the most important event and we entrust ourselves to our patron, John Paul II, and his faith and blessings for this match,” it was written on Facebook.

And the opponents of the John Paul II team on Sunday were the team Diablos Rojos Juliaca, i.e. the Red Devils from Juliaca. It is a city located in the southern part of the country, near the famous Lake Titicaca.

In the first half, striker Eduardo Burga scored two goals for John Paul II. The “Papal” club was run by, among others, because the opponents received a red card. In the second part of the match, the forces equalized, and in the final phase of the match the Red Devils scored a goal. However, there was no time left to achieve a draw.

Juan Pablo II’s team ultimately won 2-1 and advanced to the semi-finals of the Peruvian Cup. At this stage, he will face the Defensor Porvenir or San Marcos team (i.e. Saint Mark).

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