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They opened the Russians’ luggage. The embarrassing video has 2.2 million views – o2


According to the Politico website, up to 7 million Russians were to spend this year’s holidays in Turkey. It is known that only wealthier citizens of the country chose holidays abroad. Due to the weaker position of the ruble, many Russians preferred to spend summer and autumn in the country.

Türkiye has always been a country where Russian citizens are very eager to visit. In many places, signs with Russian names appear more often than English words. The Russian language is probably heard most often.

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Anton Herashchenko, a Ukrainian adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs, published a recording on the X website showing what “souvenirs” Russian tourists wanted to take to their country. These included disposable slippers, soap and shower gel.

But that’s not all. When the hotel staff opened the refrigerator, they saw about 35 kilograms of various delicacies that the Russians had taken from the buffet. The recording shows, among others: sticks, sweet drinks, tea sachets, butter in tiny packages. The Russians claimed that they would consume it all while traveling by train. They asked to leave them something to eat because they were going home the same day.

– We got them. Can’t we take them home? – a Russian tourist asked each time the hotel staff found more collected items. – This is for hotel use, not for you to take away – explained the employees.

Interestingly, the Russians were asked why they wanted to take so many things from the hotel. The tourist said they “want to keep it as a souvenir.” As more and more luggage was opened, more and more compromising discoveries appeared. The tourists pretended to have water in a plastic bottle, but it was vodka.


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