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They left TVP. Barbara Kurdej-Szatan and Anna Mucha were fired for their views. Beata Tadla had ten minutes to pack


Years for Polish Television Many stars, celebrities and people associated with Polish came to visit show business. Some people live there to this day. Others resigned or were forced out as part of castling and have now chosen completely different career paths. We remember famous faces who said goodbye to… TVP.

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Barbara Kurdej-Szatan and Anna Mucha were fired for their views. Robert Janowski did not want any interference with the program

Barbara Kurdej-Szatan gradually said goodbye to Polish Television. First, she lost her job as the program’s host “Voice of Poland”, “The Voice. Kids” and “Dance Dance Dance”. It was speculated that the station got rid of the actress from the programs because of her views political. The cup of bitterness overflowed when a celebrity published an entry insulting the Border Guard. She was then removed from the series almost immediately “M like love” Her story ended overnight. Thus, the actress said goodbye to public television once and for all.

In winter 2021 Anna Mucha informed fans that her adventure in the “Dance Dance Dance” program has come to an end. The actress’s dismissal caused a lot of outrage comments. Speculations began to arise that the star had to say goodbye to the format TVP by being openly supportive Women’s Strike. Then she published reports from the protests and added meaningful photos. However, the star did not say goodbye to the station definitively. To this day, viewers can watch her in the series “M jak miłość”. However, the presenter “What’s the melody?”, Robert Janowski, left Telewizja Polska after almost 20 years of work. As he himself claimed, he did not agree to the new working conditions imposed by TVP and the interference in the program formula. Robert Jankowski in the musical program he replaced first Norbi, and later Rafał Brzozowski.

Barbara Kurdej-SzatanBarbara Kurdej-Szatan Photo Kapif

Anna MuchaAnna Mucha kapif

Beata Tadla was given ten minutes to pack. Piotr Kraśko passed away alone

Jarosław Kret he worked for Polish Television as a presenter weather for 14 years. He found out overnight that the station wanted to end cooperation with him. He became aware of his dismissal in 2016 when he noticed that he was not on the duty schedule for the following month. On the other hand Beata Tadla has been associated with TVP since 2012. The journalist was one of the hosts of the main edition “The news”. In addition, she often hosted election nights and other important events for the country. In 2016, when she returned from leave, she learned that she had been fired. As she mentioned in an interview with “Fakt”, she only had time to pack ten minutes.

Piotr Kraśko he himself decided to say goodbye to Telewizja Polska. He did it in 2016, when he became the president of the station Jacek Kurski. At that time, numerous changes were introduced in TVP, which subordinated the station to the party. Many journalists did not intend to accept this type of tricks and voluntarily left their workplace. Whereas Maciej Orłości he was associated with the news program for 25 years “Teleexpress”. In 2016, he decided to stop working for Telewizja Polska – Today, at the end of “Teleexpress”, I don’t have any funny facts for you. I have to say something quite seriously. This is my last”Teleexpress“, I’m saying goodbye to you. I would like to thank you very much for over 25 years of meetings in “Teleexpress” and other programs of Polish Television. See you in another place – he said in the last edition he hosted. The journalist was recently asked whether he would return to TVP after the opposition took power and gave an eloquent comment. Do you think that the “old guard of TVP” will return to Telewizja Polska now?

Piotr KraśkoPiotr Kraśko Photo Kapif.pl

Maciej OrłościMaciej Orłości Photo Kapif


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