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They advanced to the Euro. The captain did what the police would chase him for in Poland [WIDEO]


The Hungarian national team is going to the European Championships! They had already secured promotion with an away draw with Bulgaria (2-2), but on Sunday, November 19, they had to play the last qualifying match against Montenegro. The Hungarians won 3:1 and started the celebration. Dominik Szoboszlai celebrated with the fans. The captain and hero of the match drank a bottle of brandy and then spoke to the fans. And he made a promise.

The fans of the Hungarian national team have the right to be in a much better mood than the Polish fans. The Hungarians went through the qualifying round without a single defeat and scored as many as 18 points in eight matches. Thanks to this, they will go to the third European Championship in a row.

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Hungary advances to Euro 2024. Szoboszlai drinks with fans

Today’s match against Montenegro was just a formality for the Hungarians and an opportunity to celebrate after the final whistle. This could be done with a completely clear conscience, because the players did not disappoint and defeated their weaker opponent 3:1. The hero of the match was Dominik Szoboszlai, who scored two goals in an interval of two minutes. After the match, the captain went to celebrate with the fans.

Szoboszlai landed in the stands, where… he received a bottle of palinka, a Hungarian brandy, from the fans. Then he raised a toast and, to the delight of the fans, drank the drink to the bottom. – Wow! How much per mille? – he asked, feeling the strength of the drink, the alcohol content of which usually ranges from 35 to 70 percent.

After these words, he spoke to those present at the stadium. – Big thanks to the team! The boys put in an incredible amount of work and dedication, they deserve great applause! Let’s not forget about the staff members who gave as much as the players. A huge thank you to the 65,000 fans and all Hungarians who are always with us. On behalf of the team, I can promise you one thing: this is just the beginning, we will do something unforgettable in the summer! – he promissed.

Watching the scenes at the Puskas Arena, one could recall the events of 2015, when the Polish national team advanced to Euro 2016. Then Robert Lewandowski drank champagne on the pitch while celebrating. This caused confusion because someone… reported it to the police, which we reported on Sport.pl at the time. You can be fined for drinking alcohol in a public place in Poland. I hope Dominik Szoboszlai does not have such problems in his country.

The Hungarian national team will play in Germany at the third European Championship in a row. In 2016, she reached the 1/8 finals at this tournament, having previously taken first place in the group with Iceland, Portugal and Austria. The next edition was less happy for the Hungarians. In 2020, they were in the group of death with France, Germany and Portugal. Winning two points could still be considered a result above expectations.


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