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These people will not pay TV license fees in 2024. They are exempt from the subscription fee [20.11.2023]


We know a group of eligible people who will be exempt from the subscription fee in 2024. As a rule, anyone who has a radio or television set at home must pay an RTV license fee. However, there are exceptions to this rule, and the list of people exempt from the obligation to pay the fee is very long. Check who will not have to pay an RTV license fee from January 1, 2024. See if you’re on the list!


Every household in which it is located at least one radio or television receiver is obliged to pay subscription fees. However, regardless of the number of receivers they have in their home or car, individuals pay one subscription fee.

They also pay one fee regardless of the number of radio or television receivers they have in the same building or group of buildings public health care facilities, sanatoriums, nurseries, public and non-public organizational units of the education system, state and non-state universities and social welfare homes.

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Other entities are obliged to pay fees for each radio or television receiver you ownincluding those in company cars.

According to the National Broadcasting Council, the fee is paid to cable television, satellite television or a digital platform does not release you from the obligation to pay subscription fees. The need to pay license fees is related to the use of a radio or television receiver, and not to the content of broadcast programs.

Based on Article. 4 section 1 of the Act of 21 April 2005 on subscription fees Certain groups of people are exempt from subscription fees. The condition for using the exemptions is to present an ID card and documents entitling to the exemption from subscription fees to the post office and submit a declaration of meeting the conditions for using the above-mentioned. layoffs.

Exemptions from subscription fees are available from the first day of the month following the month in which confirmation of the exemption was obtained.

The National Broadcasting Council has presented a list of people who, from January 1, 2024, will not have to pay license fees. Check if you are entitled to the exemption. In the gallery below we present, who will not have to pay the TV license fee in 2024!

We already know how much the monthly fee for the radio will be from January 1. Just like this year, it will be PLN 8.70, which will translate into PLN 104.40 per year. The fee for a month of using a television or television and radio set will be: PLN 27.30. The recipient will pay PLN 327.60 annually.

Receiver users who pay the subscription fee for the entire year by January 25, 2024 will receive 10 percent discount.

Please note that there is a subscription fee is payable in advance by the 25th day of the month, for which a fee is payable. The fee can be paid in advance for the entire year or for selected subsequent months. Then the recipients are entitled discount for paying fees for a period longer than 1 month.

Below we present the subscription fees for: use of a radio receiver with discounts.

  • 2 months – PLN 16.90
  • 3 months – PLN 25.10
  • 4 months – PLN 33.80
  • 5 months – PLN 42.00
  • 6 months – PLN 49.60
  • 7 months – PLN 58.30
  • 8 months – PLN 66.50
  • 9 months – PLN 74.70
  • 10 months – PLN 83.40
  • 11 months – PLN 91.60
  • 12 months – PLN 94.00

Amount of subscription fees for using a television or television and radio set including discounts:

  • 2 months – PLN 53.00
  • 3 months – PLN 78.70
  • 4 months – PLN 106.00
  • 5 months – PLN 131.70
  • 6 months – PLN 155.70
  • 7 months – PLN 183.00
  • 8 months – PLN 208.70
  • 9 months – PLN 234.40
  • 10 months – PLN 261.70
  • 11 months – PLN 287.40
  • 12 months – PLN 294.90

Subscribers have several options for contributing Subscription fees. The RTV subscription can be paid at all post offices and via the website of Poczta Polska SA. Payments can also be made at other financial institutions.

This is how you will pay for your RTV subscription:

  • at the post office
  • on the Payment Platform on the Poczta Polska website
  • by e-transfer

Subscription fees should be paid to the bank account number containing the subscriber’s individual identification number. In order to pay the subscription fee, it is necessary to know the 26-digit subscriber’s bank account number, assigned to each subscriber during the registration of the receivers.

All radio and television receivers are subject to registration in order to collect license fees for their use. Checks on the obligation to register TV sets are carried out by authorized employees of Poczta Polska. During the inspection, employees are obliged to present authorization to perform inspection activities, their official ID, and, at the request of the inspected person, also their ID card.

The inspected person should enable the inspection of the obligation to register radio and television receivers or present proof of registration of radio and television receivers. During the inspection, it is necessary to determine four elements:

  • presence of the device
  • readiness of the device to immediately receive a TV or radio program
  • registration (or lack thereof) of the device
  • period of use (recipient has 14 days to register)

If it is found that an unregistered radio or television receiver is used, a fee in the amount of 30 times the monthly subscription fee in force on the day the use of an unregistered receiver was discovered.

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