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‘There was something special’: Dravid recalls Kohli’s first Test series in 2011


ROSSO (Dominica), July 12 (IANS) India coach Rahul Dravid has called up Virat Kohli’s Test debut of 2011 for the West Indies, saying he saw something special in the right-handed batsman.

In 2011, Windsor Park in Dominica hosted a Test match during India’s tour of the West Indies. Young Kohli was also part of the playing eleven of the match and scored 30 runs in the first innings as the match ended in a draw, resulting in a 1–0 victory for India.

“When I came back here in 2011 it was very special for the island and the land here. To come back here in a different capacity as a coach and to bring your team here, I think Virat was the only one there when we came back here in 2011.

I remember Virat playing his first test episode with the Indian team. He was this little kid, who was really good at ODI cricket and was finding his feet in Test cricket. “But you can see there is something special there, talent,” Dravid said in a video released by the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Wednesday.

Since that tour of the West Indies in 2011, Kohli has become a mainstay of the Indian Test batting line-up, apart from being captain of the side.

“You can see he’s going to be there for a while. How long you can never say, so I think he can be very proud of his journey. I certainly never thought I would coach and come here in ten years.

But to see him grow from being a young player on that journey to a senior veteran was nice. It was great for me to see that journey and I believe in myself as a young coach starting his journey as well. Added Dravid, who has held the position of head coach of the India national team since November 2021.

Asked about his return to Dominica for the first time since 2011, Kohli said: “When we went to the dressing room and then to practice, I remember my first series here as a Test player and this is the country where it all began, The Caribbean. It’s amazing to be able to I’m excited to be back here after 12 years, having played over 100 Test matches. I couldn’t have imagined anything like that.”

Before India begins its third World Test Championship (WTC), Kohli opened up about his conversation with Dravid, ahead of the opening Test series in Dominica.

“His comment about him being a young coach is a modest one because he’s been a coach for a long time now. I was young and he was an outstanding Test player, we were all looking up to him,” Kohli said.

“It’s absolutely amazing,” I told Rahul Bhai also yesterday, “I’m sure you could never have imagined that after 12 years we’d be back on the same pitch and you’d be the head coach and I’d play 100+ games. Nobody would have guessed that.”

So I’m lucky we’re the only two members from the last trip still here in different capacities. But, it’s as if life is complete and the trips are so amazing.”

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