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There is only one king, and that is King Kohli: Yusvendra Chahal


NEW DELHI, July 17 (IANS) India’s violinist Yuzvendra Chahal on Monday paid tribute to former conductor Virat Kohli, saying “there is only one king, and that is King Kohli”.

Other than Kohli, Yuzi also had tales of chemistry with MS Dhoni. “He is always ready to help others and also has a very good sense of humor.”

El Dawar further said, “We have a good team” ahead of the 2023 FIFA World Cup.

“Everyone is training,” he said on the Cricket Basu YouTube channel, explaining that the Indian squad members are preparing for the clash in the West Indies as well as Ireland.

He said of himself, “My bowling does not depend on the size of the ground. I always try my best.”

Due to his precision with the ball, Yuzi is also tested on the secret of getting the right line and length. View “It depends on the height of the cricketer”.

“I haven’t played many matches against Pakistan, but Shoaib Malik is one of my favorite cricketers,” Yozi said in response to a viewer’s question about his favorite match against a Pakistani cricketer.

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