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There is one Shiv Sena, and others are traitors: Aditya Thackeray


HYDERABAD, April 11 (IANS) Describing the current Maharashtra government as “too authoritarian, too dictatorial and too opaque”, Yuva Sena President Aditya Thackeray on Tuesday said there is one Shiv Sena and the others are “traitors”.

“They (Eknath Shinde Group) have tried to steal everything from us, they have tried to steal our party logo and party name. They are trying to do everything they can. But the fact of the matter is: someone who got away with everything can only be classified as a choir (thief), And nothing goes beyond that,” he said, while interacting with students of GITAM (which is considered a university) at Hyderabad Campus, as part of a Changemakers session moderated by Smita Sharma, Visiting Faculty, Kautilya School of Public Policy.

“It is sad to see that Maharashtra – which was a contender among the top five states in the time of Covid and was one of the top players in terms of investment, tourism, sustainability and urban growth – is now lagging behind. During our time in the MVA government, we have not seen any incidents of community violence, And everyone worked together, and the state had Rs 6.5 crore of investment coming in, and we had multiple MOUs for factories coming in there.

“Today, look at the Maharashtra website. We have an unconstitutional government, which ignores the constitution and runs a very authoritarian, very dictatorial, opaque government. We are not one of the most attractive states for investment, because of the lack of political stability.”

“At least some people in the past had the courage to call the emergency an emergency — today we are in an undeclared emergency. To completely eliminate any opposition and alternative voices is a troublesome thing for a country,” he said.

Reaffirming his belief in people and the judiciary, Thackeray said it was crucial to see which debates we choose for ourselves. “What we’re engaging in in our country today is debt versus debt, region versus region—everything apart from the core issues. Are we discussing unemployment and inflation and the problems we face as citizens? We’re not discussing the right things, we’re fighting over something that happened 50-60 years ago,” About the characters who lived 100 years ago or whether some king/emperor did the right thing. But we are not fighting for the future. What will our future generations think?”

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