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The words of the “One of Ten” participant surprised the audience. “Meme star”


Program “One of ten” has been broadcast since 1994 and its host is Tadeusz Sznuk. In the game show, ten participants answer questions asked by the host, and they earn points for each correct answer. Everyone has three chances, so You may give the wrong answer twiceand on the third mistake he is eliminated from the game. Despite the passage of time, there is still no shortage of daredevils who would like to test themselves on the game show. “One of Ten” is watched by an average of almost a million viewers.

Krzysztof from Lębork appeared in the 10th episode of the 140th series. He even commented on his statement Tadeusz Sznuk.

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This is how Tadeusz Sznuk commented on the game show participant’s statement

– the host asked at the beginning of the game.

– the participant replied. Tadeusz Sznuk did not expect such words. “Well, basically, you’re right,” he admitted.

Several minutes later it turned out that the resident of Lębork won the final episode. The host decided to end the episode in an unusual way, referring to the participant’s words.

– he joked.

On social media, viewers eagerly comment on the words said in the episode. “A meme star”, “As if he had a premonition!”, “At least he has a sense of humor,” they write.

Still from the program "One of ten"


Still from the program “One of Ten”

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