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The volleyball players met with Morawiecki. The groom blew him away with a question [WIDEO]


On Monday, the Polish national volleyball team met Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. – Tomek Fornal decided to ask him if it would be possible to delete the penalty points, because he already has 14 of them – revealed Jakub Kochanowski in “Hejt Park” when asked whether there was a question about… bonuses at breakfast.

There are no strong opponents for Polish volleyball players in the current national team season! First, Nikola Grbic’s team won the gold medal in the Nations League, and later on Italian soil they won the title of European champions, beating the hosts in the final. After arriving in Poland, our champions were greeted by crowds of fans at the airport, and on Monday, the golden team was invited to breakfast with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

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What about bonuses for volleyball players? “You can’t count on what happens in football”

Tomasz Fornal surprised the Prime Minister. Nobody expected this!

Discussions began in the media about whether the head of government offered bonuses to volleyball players, just as he promised to football players during the world championships in Qatar. Many wondered whether the representatives asked about money at the meeting. – I wasn’t sitting next to the Prime Minister, so I don’t know – revealed Jakub Kochanowski w “Hejt Park” .

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The center admitted that unusual words were uttered by one of the players. – But Tomek Fornal decided to ask him if it would be possible to delete the penalty points, because he already had 14 of them and would like to have fewer. Of course it didn’t work out, he added with a smile.

During the meeting, team captain Bartosz Kurek thanked the Prime Minister for his support . – Thank you for the invitation. We have been frequent guests here in recent years, but this year the opportunity is special. This is a record season for us. We managed to win two gold medals (Nations League and European Championship – editor’s note), our girls took bronze from the Nations League. Thanks for your support. We are all one big sports family, he said.

What about the bonus for volleyball players? “There’s no point in counting”

The topic of bonuses for volleyball players was also discussed in our Sport.pl LIVE program. Dominik Wardzichowski’s guest was Michał Ruciak, European champion in 2009. – You can argue and it is certainly strange that there is no bonus. I think that there will be some talks regarding compensation for the volleyball players, because this is a great achievement. I believe that the boys will get what they deserve – he admitted and added: – You can’t count on something like in football.

Polish volleyball players have one more important tournament ahead of them this season – qualifications for the Olympic Games in Paris. The event will take place from September 30 to October 8 in China.


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