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“The Voice of Poland”. Justyna Steczkowska in a dazzling styling. It looks like a million dollars


“The Voice of Poland” it has been attracting large audiences to TV sets for years. The program is broadcast on TVP2 is popular. There have been many changes to the format over the long period of its broadcast. Currently in armchairs the jury consists of: Justyna Steczkowska, Lanberry, Marek Piekarczyk and Thomson and Baron. After completing the subsequent stages, i.e. blind auditions, battles and knockouts, it was time for the long-awaited live stage. Another live episode is behind us, after which only two people from each team remain in the game. Although the latest episode was full of quarter-final emotions, Justyna Steczkowska stole all the attention. In that styling she looked like a million dollars.

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Justyna Steczkowska about children. Who follows in her footsteps and who rebels?

“The Voice of Poland”. Justyna Steczkowska in a stunning styling

Justyna Steczkowska has been associated with the format for years. The singer amazes with her voice and with pride and full professionalism she wants to pass on the acquired knowledge to others. This season, a lot of young players joined her team talents. After the quarterfinals, only Maja and Bartek remained in her team. However, despite the great voices and fierce fighting, there was one more element that caught the viewers’ attention in the last episode. It’s about the outfit the star chose. On this special evening, Justyna Steczkowska wore a truly royal outfit. The singer chose silver dresses floor length long sleeve. The material was decorated with numerous sequins and other trinkets. The cut emphasized the figure and the V-neckline he added even more elegance. In addition, the star opted for an equally sublime look hairstyle. She had a storm of curls straight from… Hollywood. She emphasized the whole thing with carefully crafted details makeup, highlighting the eyes. It must be admitted that she looked great in this version. It’s hard to take your eyes off her. You can find more photos of the star in our gallery at the top of the article.

‘The Voice of Poland’. Justyna Steczkowska photo: TVP VOD screen

“The Voice of Poland”. Justyna Steczkowska is merciless to the participant

In the same episode, Daniel from the Lanberry team presented his vocal skills. The man faced the piece Grzegorz Hyże titled “O Lady!”. Unfortunately, Justyna Steczkowska did not like his version of the song. The star left no trace of it. In her opinion, the man couldn’t cope and should go back to singing lessons. What do you think about it? Premiere episodes “The Voice of Poland” are broadcast on Saturdays at 8 p.m.


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