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The United Nations allocates $8.5 million to cyclone victims in Madagascar


UNITED NATIONS, May 25 (IANS) The United Nations has allocated $8.5 million to help 335,000 people in the worst-hit areas of storm-hit Madagascar, humanitarian staff said.

Xinhua reported that the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said on Wednesday that it was working with the government to continue to assist the southeast of the island nation, which was hit by typhoons earlier this year and last year.

OCHA added: “We have launched humanitarian projects to support 3,35,000 people in the most vulnerable areas.”

“These projects are made possible by the allocation of $8.5 million from the Central Emergency Response Fund, allowing us to address crises outside the global spotlight.”

The Humanitarian Office said that successive emergencies have hit the communities targeted by the projects.

In January, Madagascar was hit by Tropical Storm Chineso.

Surprisingly, after traveling the width of the Indian Ocean, Hurricane Freddy hit the southeast, crossed the Mozambique Channel to hit mainland Africa and then doubled back across the strait to hit Madagascar again.

Last year, Madagascar was hit by tropical cyclones Patsiray and Imanati.

OCHA said more than 8,70,000 people in Madagascar need support in storm-affected areas.

“This year, in support of the government, we have already reached 439,000 people with food, clean water, sanitation and hygiene support,” said the Office of Humanitarian Affairs.

OCHA also reported that the previous $215 million Flash Appeal for Madagascar was only 23 per cent funded.

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