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The short story by acclaimed Marathi writer Milind Bukil is getting a screen adaptation


MUMBAI, April 7 (IANS) One of the short stories by renowned Marathi novelist Milind Pokell has been made into a short film, Patang. The film, which stars Walter D’Souza and Anish Patel as a child actor, was released on Friday.

Milind, also a sociologist, was part of the Sampoorna Kranti (total revolution) movement led by Jayprakash Narayan in the 1970s and since then, has been associated with several civil society organisations. Batang is another step in his literary journey.

In a statement, the film’s director, Nitin Pidenekar, said, “Milind Pokil, sir, is a very versatile writer. If you read his work, every story feels like it needs to be adapted to the screen. For this story, he has harmonized human emotions with a kite. He does not believe in feeding The spoon is for the audience. Only at the end of the story do all the layers unravel.”

Written by Dr. Milind Bukil, “Paatang” was produced by Sanjay Khairnar of the premiere Marathi production company Weekend Coffee Productions. Cinematographer Kiran Jadhav captured the story in beautiful frames through his lens. The short film is available for streaming on the Weekend Coffee Marathi YouTube channel.

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