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The rumors about Gustaw Holoubek’s widow do not stop. Is he having an affair? And with whom?


Janusz Majewski in 1966 he made the film “Sublokator”, which tells the story of a young scientist renting a room in a villa inhabited only by women. It was his first full-length feature. He made it based on his own script. Jan Machulski, Krystyna Feldman, Barbara LudwiżankaKrystyna Łaniewska.

One of the roles was written especially for the young actress, Magdalena Zawadzka. Although she had only just graduated from theater school, she had already had two main roles in the comedies “Pieczenie cabbage rolls” and “Cast Hit”.

“I won’t hide the fact that Magda dazzled me from the first meeting, and the role of Małgosia was written especially for her,” recalled Janusz Majewski at a meeting with Grażyna Torbicka during a retrospective of his work at the Kultura cinema in Warsaw.

While working on “Sublokator”, Zawadzka and Majewski became very close friends. For many years, their professional and private paths intertwined.

“Then I worked with Gustaw HoloubekMagda’s husband, and she became friends with my wife Zofia Nasierowska,” Majewski continues.

Zawadzka owes her role to Majewski’s wife in “Pan Wołodyjowski”. Nasierowska was already a renowned photographer. It was thanks to her photo that Zawadzka got a role in Hoffman’s film. Initially, the director did not think about employing a very young actress to play the role of Basia. However, he was convinced when he saw an extraordinary portrait of a beautiful girl.

Magdalena Zawadzka and Janusz Majewski have been friends for years and support each other in their private and professional lives. The actress has been a widow since 2008, and the director said goodbye to his wife in 2011.

“Since we were both left alone, we have been very friends. I know I can count on Magda, and she on me. During the premiere of the film “Eccentrics”, we appeared on the red carpet together. We accompany each other during important events and support each other. Awareness is important. that we have someone close to us who will not let us down and is there when we need him”

Magdalena Zawadzka and Janusz Majewski are seen taking walks together. They both wrote autobiographies and support each other at author meetings. Their joint appearance at the premiere of “Eccentrics” caused quite a sensation..

The media began to write about their relationship, and the actress had to justify calling Majewski a “master” in one of the comments on social media. This is what she said about Majewski back then.

“Masters have one thing in common: they love actors, trust them and try to make them look the best in their works. They serve them with their talent, but they do not paralyze them. They are cultured, well-educated with a sense of humor. Janusz is a master who has these features, not to mention personal charm, which is useful in the film,” explained the actress.

Despite the rumors, Zawadzka and Majewski have no intention of hiding their close intimacy. They still like to go for walks and have tea at their favorite cafe.

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