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The publisher of GTA 6 believes that the games are too cheap for what they offer


During a recent speech to investors, Take-Two’s CEO stated that games are “tailored” currently too cheap compared to what Aogon offers, and it’s also a betrayal; something about how his company prices its products.

On the bottom side; środę Take-Two will carry out the study teleconferenceę for investors, during which Strauss Zelnick will divide the się some interesting observations. Let’s start with the fact that, according to the head of Take-Two, games may become more and more tail-bound; with a subscription distribution model, but are not subject to the same market logic, older, non-interactive forms of entertainment such as movies, and game publishers do not respond currently able to raiseć prices just like Netflix does.

According to Zelnick, game prices result from from the relationship between how much content we receive per hour gameplay, how many hours of gameplay can we get? expectć and how we generally assess the valueść what we play. This diagram is intended to be noticeable in virtually every branch of the entertainment industry, and following this line of reasoning – games offer tailoring; much more than even cinema. In other words – an hour of gameplay is worth more than before; an hour of film, and yet in an hour’s time we play games much less.

For this standard, our prices are reasonable. still very, very low because˙ we offer many hours of involvement, and it is worth it. commitment is very high. Weślę więc, że industry as a whole offers consumers an excellent price-to-content ratio. This does not necessarily mean that the industry has control over its tail. pricing or wants to have management pricing, but we offer a lot of value, and our tail strategy is to deliver much greater value than before; the one who we collect from consumers. This has always been our strategy” – saidł Strauss Zelnick.

The point of view of the Take-Two boss can be understood because tails often appear on the web. się comments from users comparing prices at least. cinema tickets for a two-hour movie with game prices offering hundreds of hours of fun. In this context, games actually have a tail; advantage&tail; above the cinema, though the industry doesn’t necessarily want the tail end. to raise prices to the same level – at least currently. However, it is not difficult to imagineć imagine that the future will come soon. significant price increases for games that may tail voląć entire market.


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