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The president of TVP is looking for savings. He “dedicated” famous productions – pudelek.pl




Mateusz Matyszkowicz, in order to repair the TVP budget, decided to devote a series liked by viewers and several popular game shows. Are you disappointed?

It is impossible not to notice that recently in

Polish Television

boils. This is largely due to results




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The president of TVP is looking for savings. He “sacrificed” several productions

It turns out that


He is also apparently not in the best financial condition. Therefore, the president of the station is doing everything he can to repair the budget. How did “Plotek” find out

Mateusz Matyszkowicz

he decided

shorten the premieres of flagship productions in the autumn schedule.

The savings will include, among others: series that has been broadcast since 2008

“Father Matthew”

whose last premiere episode of the 30th season will be shown by Telewizja Polska

November 23.

This is a last-minute decision, because there have been other talks on this topic so far and the schedule was supposed to go according to plan and broadcast the entire season of the series by the end of the year.

The outstanding episodes will be included in the new season, which means that in the future schedule, if the series is continued, fewer episodes will be produced.

– reveals a person from TVP, explaining:

The president of TVP says that we need to look for savings wherever possible. This series has so many episodes that both new and old episodes are watched at a similar level.

People no longer fully remember the old episodes and crime mysteries that are full of them, so it is more profitable for the station to broadcast reruns whenever there is a good opportunity and excuse.

However, it is not only the tapeworm that will suffer

Artur Żmijewski

in the main role, but also several game shows. It has been decided not to show the premiere episodes of formats such as:

“One of ten”


“Wheel of Fortune” or “Va Banque”.

Do you regret it?

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Source: pudelek.pl

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