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The Pawlicki Brothers in Falubaz. Zmarzlik was tried as a bandit [FELIETON]


The Grand Prix organizers take revenge on Zmarzlik

Bartosz Zmarzlik’s exclusion from the Danish Grand Prix in Vojens cannot even be called a scandal. That’s too gentle a word. The competitor wore a different Kevlar than he should have in qualifying, he bent the rules, but let’s not be abnormal.

If anyone had reacted during training, if anyone had pointed out to Bartek that he was riding in the wrong outfit, and the speedway rider had ignored these signals, the organizers’ reaction would have been defensible. But not entirely either. You cannot take away from anyone for such a small thing in the final stretch of the world championship, something for which he worked diligently for the previous eight tournaments. The punishment is absolutely disproportionate to the crime. It wasn’t a crime, just a misdemeanor, and he was tried as a bandit.

Interia’s conversation. Transfer exchange. “I’m surprised that the EU and GKM allowed this.” VIDEO/INTERIA.TV/INTERIA.TV

Is this some kind of revenge from the organizers because the boy hasn’t come down from the top for several years and when the first, better opportunity comes, they have to take him to the green table? Is this some kind of private war and grudge against Poland? Couldn’t they have wagged a finger, imposed a financial penalty or a warning?

I don’t understand any argument that it couldn’t be done otherwise. I know that Lindgren, who is chasing Zmarzlik in the general classification, and several other speedway riders stood up for Bartosz as a gesture of solidarity. They filed a protest. Unfortunately, none of them went further and went on strike or resigned from the competition.

I know, I know, contracts, penalties, loss of a lot of money, sponsorship obligations. Too much controversy also has a negative impact on the image of the discipline. But speedway is not ski jumping. In it, you win on the track, not by the better load-bearing capacity of your clothes or the tying of your shoes.

It happens that it rains during the match, the Kevlar is wet, dirty, muddy and the logos of the club’s partners are not visible. Following this path, it would be appropriate to throw such speedway riders out of the stadium.

The people who decided to disqualify Zmarzlik covered themselves with shame because they distorted the idea of ​​sport, the word fiar-play does not exist in their dictionary.

On Sunday, I went to the 1st League play-off semi-final in Zielona Góra. The stadium was bursting at the seams, just like in the old days. It’s heartwarming to see that the speedway at 69 Wrocławska Street is reviving. Falubaz may go down in history because no team in the PGE Ekstraliga has ever finished the competition dry.

I’ll say it out loud, what the heck, Falubaz is already in the PGE Ekstraliga. I hear that there will be a small Unia Leszno in Zielona Góra. The Pawlicki brothers are together again. A good old friend will also wear a “Mouse” outfit

I already believe in the campaign. My district is the entire Lubusz Voivodeship. So also Gorzów. I am accused of going there and meeting locals. We are working for a just cause, we are fighting for Poland, for our future, not for league points.

Sincerely, Senator Robert Dowhan

Bartosz Zmarzlik/Jarosław Pabijan/Flipper Jarosław Pabijan

Piotr Pawlicki in front of Oliver Berntzon/Jarosław Pabijan/Flipper Jarosław Pabijan

Przemysław Pawlicki/Łukasz Trzeszczkowski/Photos by Łukasz Trzeszczkowski


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