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The new Google Maps is faded. Users furious. They want to return to the old version


Google has decided to change the appearance of Maps quite radically, which currently seems… faded and resembles Apple Maps. This new feature did not appeal to users who demanded the ability to return to the old version. Will Google give in?

Over the years, Google has accustomed us to the good old look of its Maps. One of their characteristic features was the fact that larger roads were marked in yellow and smaller ones in white. Now the Internet giant has completely revolutionized the graphic design of this service.

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Google Maps with a new look. They are similar to… Apple Maps

First of all, Google decided to refresh the colors of Maps and the way some icons are displayed. The changes seem to be minor, but they definitely changed the appearance of the service, which some users did not like. The company has already tested the new look on a small group of users from the end of August, but for a few days now the refreshed graphic design has been visible to everyone.

The most noticeable change is the colors of roads in Google Maps. Motorways, expressways and major arteries in cities are no longer yellow, but blue-gray. Smaller streets were marked with a similar but slightly lighter color (previously white). Green areas and water reservoirs are now also in a slightly different color. The remaining objects also changed colors, but these changes are less visible.

The entire Maps seem quite unusual and simply faded. Only the route we should follow in navigation mode is marked with a more expressive color (navy blue, yellow or red – depending on traffic intensity). In general, Google Maps has become largely similar to the competing Apple Maps service, which is definitely a surprise.

New look for Google Maps on desktop:

A new look for Google Maps on your computer photo: screenshot from Google Maps (www.google.com/maps)

Old version of Google Maps in the smartphone application:

Google Maps (old look) on your Android smartphone photo: screenshot from the Google Maps application

Maps users are furious. They want to return to the old version

For some users such changes are unacceptable. Some are surprised. They wonder on social media what happened to the application they use every day. Others write directly that the new Maps are less transparent, look bad and demand a return to the old version. Still others ask Google to add a button allowing you to select a graphic option. However, it does not seem likely that the giant will bow to user pressure.

Why did Google decide to make such a change? It is unknown. The company is silent on this matter and does not explain its decision. Perhaps the company decided that it would be useful to refresh the appearance of the application that has looked similar for years. The new look is already available in the browser version of Maps, but not all users can still use it in the smartphone application. For those who have not yet been affected by the changes, this is probably the last chance to enjoy the old look of the popular Google service.


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