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The left has a candidate for the State Tribunal. Unofficial arrangements


Lawyer Kamila Ferenc is associated with, among others, together with the Foundation for Women and Family Planning FEDERA, she will be the candidate of the New Left for the State Tribunal – according to the findings of the WP. The lawyer dealt with human rights, social justice, counteracting domestic and sexual violence and discrimination.

The Civic Coalition, in turn, was to report to the State Tribunal the well-known lawyer Jacek Dubois, the president of the Supreme Bar Council Przemysław Rosati, former KO senator Piotr Zientarski, lawyer Dr. Hab. Sabina Grabowska, lawyer Marek Mikołajczyk and Adam Koczyk, a law graduate at the University of Silesia, who is also the representative of the head of the PO club, Borys Budka – Rzeczpospolita reported earlier.

PSL wants to nominate Józef Zych and Marek Małecki

Most likely, the PSL candidate for members of the State Tribunal will be: lawyer and speaker of the Sejm of the second term Józef Zych and lawyer Marek Małecki – previously described by RMF FM. Poland 2050 will focus on Marcin Radwan-Röhrenschef – describes WP.

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The Confederation’s candidate is to be a Polish lawyer, judge of the State Tribunal in 2015–2019 and member of the National Electoral Commission, Maciej Miłosz.

It is not clear who he wants to report to the State Tribunal Law and Justice. So far, there have been rumors that lawyer Marcin Zaborowski, who has previously represented United Right politicians on numerous occasions, may join the body.


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