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The Israeli army responded to Hezbollah fire from Lebanon


Israel fired at the positions of Hezbollah militias responsible for rocket and artillery attacks carried out from Lebanese territory. The leader of the terrorist organization, Hassan Nasrallah, announced that the front against Israel would be active. Israel’s defense minister in the war cabinet, Joav Galant, warned that Beirut could suffer the same fate as Gaza if Hezbollah dragged Lebanon into war.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said its fighter jets struck into multiple Hezbollah facilities in southern Lebanon in response to foreign rocket attacks.

It was attacked, among others, terrorist cell, which carried out an attack on Dovev right on the border with Lebanonas well as two militias conducting a mortar attack on the communities of Menara and Jiron, the Times of Israel reported.

The army said it “recently attacked a group guiding rocket launchers from a civilian area into Lebanese territory.” The military added that its drone “attacked a unit of terrorists who were trying to fire anti-tank missiles towards Israeli territory, in the city of Metula.”

According to Israeli Radio Six civilians were seriously injured as a result of the Hezbollah attack. The condition of one of the victims is assessed as critical.

War in Israel. Gallant: Beirut may suffer the same fate as Gaza

Hezbollah leader Hasan Nasrallah announced that the front against Israel will still be active. In response, Israeli Defense Minister Joav Galant warned that Beirut could suffer the same fate as Gaza if Hezbollah dragged Lebanon into war.

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Opposition minister in the Israeli Beni Gantz war cabinet said on Wednesday that the conflict with Hamas is an “existential war” for the Jewish state, which is why its limits cannot yet be defined.

He admitted that when it comes to the threat posed by Hamas’s ally, the Lebanese Hezbollah, Israel continues to try to avoid a two-front waralthough the army is prepared for a possible intensification of the conflict with this group.


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