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The Invincible landed hard, because not everything and not everywhere is for us


November 12, 2023, 12:50 p.m

Invincible landed hard, but at least thanks to this we can learn a little about ourselves – and about the market we love so much, which demands more and more from us. Although he dismisses our protests with a wave of his hand.

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Not everything and not everywhere is for us, thinks Rohan, the main character of the novel Invincible, heading towards the greatest pride of the space fleet – the gargantuan rocket that he landed on the planet Regis III. He is tired to the point where you realize that he doesn’t really care anymore. And above all, it is very far from home.

Stanisław Lem wrote the last sentences of this novel in Zakopane in 1963. 60 years later we can play the first game adaptation of Lem. An author who, although not so fashionable anymore, can still interest and entertain.

Toxic relationships and the issue of optics

But not everything and not everywhere is for us. The reviewers didn’t remember this The Invincible. The reviews that were published before the game’s release crashed the share prices of Starward Industries, and they have not stabilized to this day.. All this is sad, because the game, although specific and niche, did not deserve this kind of collapse in the slightest.

Investors like to react hysterically. This is a specific and – let’s say – quite toxic relationship between an artist and someone who sponsors the artist. Yet the ratings on Metacritic and Opencritic were not that low, ranking at 70 points. In addition, a day after the review was published, the American IGN admitted that they had made a “small” mistake – they were reviewing the game on a faulty graphics card… Hey, it was stupid. And they say reviews don’t matter anymore!

Interestingly, Poles – as I expected – rated the game slightly better (GOAL 8, the average rating from other websites is also 8). This may be related to sentiment towards Stanisław Lem, or maybe simply to sensitive forums due to the fact that Contrary to appearances, we have a lot in common – a piece of land, culture and language. Or maybe just – just like it was with The Medium from the Krakow Bloober Team, we see more and understand better, because as Poles we can find and interpret Polish tropes in the mentioned works.

For the American art-style in Medium it’s some kind of graphic concept, and for us the influence of the paintings of Zdzisław Beksiński – a guy whose biography adds additional gloom to the entire context. For them it is an ordinary, dilapidated building, but for us it is Hotel Cracovia. And finally, returning to space – for them it is a story based on some forgotten writer, probably what he wrote Solaris“I think I once saw a movie with George Clooney…” – and for us it’s a piece of imagination, growing up, childhood and beautiful reading with flushed faces under the night light, perhaps taking place during a frosty, winter Polish evening.

So not everything and not everywhere is for us. Editors Adam Zechenter and Michał Mańka packed a ton of equipment into the car and went to the Starward Industries studio to, among other things, ask the game’s creators about this sentence, which resulted in a podcast recorded with CEO Marek Markuszewski and Olga Piech, the game’s brand manager – published on our YouTube channels, Spotify and others. Yes, we have a regular podcast that is growing faster and fasterso I recommend the work of my colleagues to your attention, especially since it appears every week as part of the podcast Weekly Review.

The Invincible landed hard, because not everything and not everywhere is for us - illustration #1

Invincible, 11 bit studios, 2023

We like Polish studies, so o Invincible we wrote more. In addition to the over 40-minute interview with the creators, we have prepared a short one guideand Mikołaj Łaszkiewicz also wrote for you technical review (in which we check the optimization on different graphics cards, and this one is downright amazing). Marcin Nic from the sister Filmomaniak he recalled in his text that Lem hated adapting his own works. It’s a great article anyway. For example, about a movie Investigation Lem wrote:

He rode too [tzn. reżyser – dop. M.P.] at 4 a.m. along London motorways and took photos that he later developed in his aunt’s bathroom. Let’s be honest, nothing good could come of it in such conditions.

Not everything, not everywhere is FOR YOU

Activision Blizzard understood Lem’s motto in a completely different way. Their delicious and annually refreshed burger is back. Well, at least half of it, because Call of Duty Modern Warfare III until recently, it was just a four-hour single-player campaign glued from recycling residues Warzone and previous versions. But these 4 hours of gameplay are actually an introduction to the multiplayer, which – knowing life – from today (November 10) half of the Internet will be complaining about (because, you know, not everything and not everywhere is for them). The buzz this hamburger creates reminds me of another popular hamburger now. And just like with the Woodcutter, I don’t really understand what the phenomenon is (but not everything…). By the way, In addition to your bag of cash, prepare large SSD drivesabout what reminds Krystian Pieniążek in your text, trying to answer the question why Call of Duty it eats up disk space so greedily.

It’s true that Karol Laska, who had fun at BlizzCon in the USA, returned to us not from a space trip, but from an intercontinental journey. And in fact, he brought a lot of optimism – which he writes about, maybe he dreamed it himself. This year’s BlizzCon is probably a successful event only for fans World of Warcraftwho made sure that theirs WoW it will take a little longer. Three additions, he wasn’t blowing the whistle. Personally, however, I turn my nose up at the increasingly bold monetization – Blizzard encourages us to buy a more expensive version so that we can play earlier. This is interesting rhetoric that could be reversed: if you don’t pay $40 more, you’ll play the game later…

PLN 400 for an add-on WoW (that’s how much the Epic Edition costs in early access) is a knockout price. But get used to them when it comes to this publisher – a fancy version of the new one Coda it’s PLN 459. The slightly cheaper one is “only” PLN 349. But hey – don’t worry, because not everything and not everywhere is for you. Especially if you don’t pay the extra 40 bucks.

Cash is one thing – it has to be right, but it has been wrong for many years – what’s worse is that Activision Blizzard did not take advantage of a good moment (exploitation of its brands and Microsoft’s entry, all in white) to announce changes – perhaps introduce a new IP , give us even a sliver of hope. Well, what do we have here, a mediocre teaser for the expansion Diablo IVupdates to Hearthstone and Overwatch 2 and a colorful mobile phone Warcraft Rumble. And it’s all a bit lacking in creativity. However, something is missing, hmm… invincible.


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