The History Of Poland Spring Kennels

IN 1925, Leonhard Seppala traveled a total of 340 miles in sub-zero temperatures to save the children of Nome, Alaska from an outbreak of Diptheria. Few mushers would dare tempt their fate by crossing Norton sound once, and most would have wasted time going around the ice of the bay. Seppala crossed the treacherous sea ice of Norton Sound twice with his small imported dogs from Siberia to save time, once out to receive the serum and then again on the way back.

Within the year Seppala and his lead dog Togo began to be recognized for their accomplishments. In October of 1926, Seppala and his team were brought to the lower 48 states for a tour and to be honored in Madison Square Garden with a medal which would be presented by the famed Explorer, Roald Amundsen.

While in New York. Another Mushing explorer, Arthur Walden, of New Hampshire, invited Seppala to compete against him in the second running of the Poland Spring Race, From Riccar mansion, Inn and resort, in Poland Spring Maine. Seppala took the challenge.

For more information on this historic race, read the “Poland Spring Derby” page of this website.

By the end of the weekend, Elizabeth Riccar had persuaded Seppala To move his entire kennel from Nome Alaska to Poland Spring Maine and tour the North East in Races with her every Winter. Poland Spring Seppala Kennel (our namesake) Was born!

Now, nearly 80 years after Poland Spring Kennel was established by Leonhard Seppala, Poland Spring Seppala Kennels is carrying on the Legacy. All of our dogs are registered descendants of these original dogs of Leonhard Seppala! More than 90% of their heritage is from these dogs!

Poland Spring’s Corvus and Centaurus

Poland Spring Kennels is putting the Seppala Siberian Sleddog back on his throne as the King of North Eastern Sled dogs!

Poland Spring’s “A Kodak Moment” photo courtesy of Meagan Rackliff