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The fugitive’s wife, Amritpal Singh, of British descent, is being held at Amritsar airport


CHANDIGARH, April 20 (IANS) Wife of fugitive Punjab De President Waris Punjab De Kirandib Kaur was arrested Thursday at Amritsar airport as she tried to board a flight to London, officials said.

A senior police official told IANS that she was not allowed to enter Shri Guru Ram Dass International Airport by the Immigration Department when she arrived on the Amritsar-London Air India flight.

She is currently residing in Jallupur Khera, Amritpal Singh’s native village in Amritsar district.

She has been questioned several times by the police for her role in supporting the organization formed by the late actor and activist Deep Sidhu.

Amritpal Singh, against whom a National Security Act (NSA) has been invoked and a non-bailable warrant issued, is on the run although intense manhunt has been launched for his arrest since March 18.

The self-proclaimed preacher, who returned from Dubai last year, tied the knot in a simple ceremony in February.

Since then, she has been staying in Punjab.

Babalpreet Singh, chief aide of Amritpal Singh, was arrested in Amritsar on 10 April under the supervision of the NSA and six more cases were also registered against him.

Babalpreet Singh is a Khalistani activist who called himself a journalist before ending up as a media advisor to the extremist preacher.

He was a resident of Amritsar and had earlier been arrested for his alleged links with the ISI in 2015.

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