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“The farmer is looking for a wife”: Episode 8. What happened in the new episode?


The new episode of the 10th edition of the program: “The farmer is looking for a wife” showed the stage of the participants’ acquaintances with individual candidates. Darek made the final decision, thanking Natalia for coming. What else did episode 8 bring?

After his date with Nicola returned, Darek invited Natalia for a private conversation, during which eloquent words were spoken: “I have decided that I would like to continue the program with her (…). Somehow, I feel closer to her (…)”.

The girl was slightly surprised, remembering their earlier romantic meeting. The farmer candidate’s farewell to her household was full of tears. Darek’s relatives did not think that the hero would make a decision before the planned barbecue.

“I will not explain myself to my family,” said the person concerned. Darek and Nicola welcomed the guests together, who looked at the man’s candidate with interest. She, in turn, admitted that she was slightly afraid of her father’s reaction to Darek’s – sometimes quite bold – jokes.

Waldemar went on a date with Ewa. It was a meeting the man had been looking forward to. The couple reached the dance hall, where “Waldi” kidnapped Ewa to dance. Showing her basic steps, he expressed his fears about the audience’s perception: “Let it not be said that he is a great dancer and then a ‘sneer'”.

Ewa noticed his nervousness: “I didn’t think he would react so much if something didn’t go his way.” Then the woman showed Waldemar a sample of her vocal skills, receiving applause from him.

Then it was time to discuss offspring. The farmer mentioned children, and his interlocutor presented her point of view. Ewa said that she did not rule out enlarging the family, but Waldemar expected a slightly more precise answer. “Analysing these two meetings, I cannot say who I would choose (…). Maybe we would look better with Ewka,” the farmer concluded. He repeated his words directly to Ewa, adding: “Everyone would envy me you. I have never had a girl like you (…).” During the return journey, Waldemar held the woman’s hand tightly.

Arthur invited Sarah to meet him in the bosom for rounds. During the conversation on the blanket, the participants talked about the future, and the woman heard a proposal to extend her stay on the farm. Unfortunately, Sara had to return to her job. “We will see each other regularly because we are not far from each other,” she added to the cameras.

During the date, the characters were very close at one point; they were both waiting for “something more”. After the date, Artur and Sara solemnly welcomed the farmer’s parents who returned from celebrating their wedding anniversary. The man and his partner gave them flowers and wished them well. In the afternoon, the participant and the candidate he selected spent a nice time meeting Artur’s relatives. There were many questions about why Sara signed up for the program.

Mikołaj and Anna went to a one-on-one meeting. From the very beginning, the farmer’s candidate was curious about what was on the hostess’s mind. The farmer did not really like his behavior. During their conversation, interspersed with moments of silence, the following appeared: the topic of age difference.

“I feel like this isn’t it. I don’t think we’ll come to an agreement,” Anna revealed to the cameras.

Agnieszka organized real horse riding lessons for Janek: “He is convinced that he will soon overcome obstacles and so on. Let him see what it’s like.” Later, everyone took part in a family meeting, and Jan was the leader in conversations with the guests.

However, the people invited by the farmer were not entirely convinced that the candidates had been chosen correctly. “The first impression they make is that these boys won’t have such a flow with her,” admitted Aunt Aga. Her relatives advised Agnieszka to take the next step quite carefully.

As you can see, the participants of the “Farmer Wants a Wife 10” program made further important decisions. What will episode 9 of the show bring? Viewers will find out by tuning in to TVP 1 next week: on Sunday, November 19 at 21:15.

Author: Sabina Obajtek


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