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“The farmer is looking for a wife.” Emotions took over. Waldek couldn’t hide his fury


The farmer is looking for a wife” is a program that has been very popular since its first edition. However, the last edition arouses a lot of emotions, all because of Waldemar. Viewers do not trust him from the beginning, because it turned out that The man was supposed to be dating another woman before the recordings began. This was perceived as a lack of respect for the candidates who appeared at his farm. Regarding the director of “The Farmer…” also intervenedKonrad Smugawho asked the farmer in front of the cameras to call the woman and explain the matter.

Waldek from “The Farmer Wants a Wife” had to tell the candidates about the situation. And, to the viewers’ surprise, they appreciated his sincerity. In the last episode, Waldemar took Ewa on a date and wanted to present himself as best as possible. It turned out completely different, and the farmer was unable to hide his fury.

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“The farmer is looking for a wife.” Waldek did not hide his anger during the date. Emotions took over

From the beginning, Waldek claimed that dancing was one of his passions. The farmer wanted to shine in front of Ewa and took her to the dance hall. However, stress took over and there was a lot of swearing and mistaking steps.

– said Waldemar, not hiding his nervousness.

In front of the camera, the farmer admitted that he was very nervous.

– he concluded.

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